Irvine man charged with human trafficking, pimping and pandering


July 15, 2016

Situation # 16HF0955


SANTA ANA, Calif.– A guy was arraigned today on costs of human trafficking, pimping, and pandering a lady and also monitoring and controlling her using a surveillance cam. Elliot Lee, 40, Irvine, is accuseded of one felony matter of human trafficking, one felony count of pimping, one felony matter of pandering as an inmate in a residence of hooking, 2 misdemeanor matters of possession of an abused substance, and one violation matter of ownership of an abused substance stuff. If convicted, he faces an optimal sentence of Twenty Years in state jail and also obligatory lifetime sex wrongdoer enrollment. He is being hung on $250,000 bond and also must confirm the cash is from a lawful and legitimate resource before uploading bond. Lee was arraigned today as well as is set up for a pre-trial hearing on July 25, 2016, at 8:30 a.m. in Division H-7, Harbor Justice Center, Newport Coastline.

Situations of the Situation

Lee is implicated of being a pimp/human trafficker who exploits females for financial gain. Pimps often establish inflexible rules that their victims are anticipated to adhere to consisting of setting daily quotas that the sufferers are expected to satisfy. Targets are typically required to transform over all repayment they obtain for sex acts from sex buyers to their pander. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to physical and/or emotional abuse.

In between May 1, 2015, and July 13, 2016, Lee is charged of having Jane Doe article sexually explicit advertisements on an internet site understood for industrial sex. He is accused of accumulating all of the money the target made from participating in business sex for his own benefit. Lee is implicated of checking the victim while he was away by making use of an activity detection video camera in their house to keep track of the amount of business sex buyers the target ran into as well as to track the cash she was receiving.

On July 13, 2016, Jane Doe’s mommy spoke to the Irvine Authorities Department (IPD) after she talked to Jane Doe regarding the accused. IPD showed up to the house and also jailed Lee. At the time of his arrest, Lee is implicated of possessing heroin, methamphetamine, and also needles in the apartment or condo.

Members of the Orange County Person Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) as well as the Orange County Area Lawyer’s (OCDA) Workplace job proactively to safeguard ladies and also minors from succumbing to industrial sexual exploitation. This situation was explored by IPD as well as OCHTTF, a collaboration between Anaheim Police Department, The golden state Freeway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Examination, Huntington Beach Police Department, IPD, OCDA, Orange Region Constable’s Department, Santa Ana Authorities Division as well as neighborhood and also non-profit partners.

Deputy Area Lawyer Bryan Clavecilla of the WARM Device is prosecuting this case.

Proposition 35 and WARMTH

In November 2012, The golden state’s anti-human trafficking Recommendation 35 (Prop 35) was enacted in California with 81 percent of the ballot, as well as over 82 percent of the ballot in Orange County, to increase the charge for human trafficking, particularly in instances involving the trafficking of a small by force.

A part of the OCHTTF is the OCDA’s Human Exploitation And Trafficking (WARMTH) Device, which targets criminals that sexually manipulate and traffic ladies as well as minor ladies for monetary gain, consisting of pimps, panderers, as well as human traffickers. The WARM System makes use of a tactical plan called PERP: Prosecution, to bring justice for victims of human trafficking as well as hold criminals accountable utilizing Prop 35; Education, to supply law enforcement training to properly deal with human trafficking and pandering cases; Resources from public-private partnerships to elevate public understanding about human trafficking and also supply help to the victims; andPublicity, to notify the public and also send out a message to human traffickers that this criminal activity can not be perpetrated without experiencing severe consequences.

Under the regulation, human trafficking is called depriving or violating the personal freedom of another person with the intent to impact an offense of pimping or pandering. Pimping is described as purposefully acquiring financial backing in whole or in component from the profits of prostitution. Pandering is the act of encouraging or obtaining a specific to become a prostitute, or procuring and/or organizing for a person job in a residence of hooking.

Penal Code Section 236.1 specifies:

( 1) “Threat” consists of any system, strategy, or pattern planned to cause an individual to think that failure to carry out an act would certainly cause major harm to or physical restriction against anyone; the abuse or intimidated abuse of the legal process; financial obligation chains; or providing as well as assisting in the property of any regulated material to a person with the intent to harm the person’s judgment.

( 2) “Business sex act” implies sexual conduct on account of which anything of worth is given or gotten by anybody.

( 3) “Deprival or offense of the individual freedom of an additional” consists of significant and sustained limitation of another’s freedom accomplished through pressure, concern, fraud, hypocrisy, threat, physical violence, duress, hazard, or hazard of unlawful injury to the victim or to an additional person, under scenarios where the individual receiving or nabbing the danger fairly thinks that it is likely that the person making the danger would certainly carry it out.

( 4) “Discomfort” includes a straight or implied danger of pressure, violence, risk, difficulty, or retaliation sufficient to trigger a sensible person to acquiesce in or carry out an act which she or he would certainly otherwise not have actually submitted to or executed; a straight or suggested danger to ruin, hide, eliminate, seize, or possess any type of real or purported ticket or immigration document of the victim; or intentionally ruining, hiding, removing, confiscating, or having any type of actual or purported key or migration paper of the victim.

( 5) “Forced labor or solutions” means labor or services that are done or supplied by a person and are acquired or maintained with pressure, fraudulence, duress, or browbeating, or equivalent conduct that would reasonably dominate the will of the person.

( 6) “Great physical injury” implies a significant or significant physical injury.

( 7) “Minor” implies an individual less compared to 18 years of age.

( 8) “Major harm” consists of any type of damage, whether physical or nonphysical, consisting of emotional, monetary, or reputational harm, that is adequately serious, under all the bordering circumstances, to compel a reasonable individual of the very same history and in the same situations to carry out or to proceed doing labor, companies, or business sex-related acts in order to prevent sustaining that damage.

( i) The overall conditions, including the age of the victim, the connection between the target and the trafficker or agents of the trafficker, as well as any handicap or handicap of the sufferer, shall be variables to consider in figuring out the presence of “deprival or offense of the individual freedom of one more,” “duress,” and “coercion” as explained in this area.


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