New Menu & Catering Now Available at Stax Cookie Bar

Since I last gone to on a good friends & & family day, Stax Biscuit Bar situated in Irvine across from UCI (University of California, Irvine) has launched an amazing selection of brand-new food selection items to their already excellent lineup of cookies, ice cream, and drinks. From the new food selection products, I reached taste the Sea Salt Iced Coffee, Stuffed Deep Dish Smookie, Waffle Puff, Mango Shaved Snow, Lotion Bun Stax, and also two Gluten-Free Vegan biscuits. Review exactly what I considered each meal listed below as well as take advantage of Stax’s August promos:

  • BOGO FREE Shaved Snow (Routine Dimension)
  • Facebook Image Promo – Take an image of your Stax treat as well as article with the hashtag #staxaddicted, the finest image will certainly win a $25 present card and also a Stax tee shirt (the champion will be announced on September First)

Not just are there a selection of classic, periodic, and specialized menu products, yet Stax utilizes NON-GMO CERTIFIED ORGANIC FLOUR OR GLUTEN FREE FLOUR, and also various other premium organic active ingredients. Cookies are baked every early morning and VEGAN Cookies are likewise offered daily and all the ice creams are NATURAL and DEVELOPMENT HORMONE-FREE (rBGH).

STAX NOW CATERS!.?. !! Share the decliciousness of Stax cookies, gelato, cookie ice cream sandwiches and also smookies/stuffed smookies at your next occasion big or small! Visit the food catering web page to find out more.

Stax Biscuit Bar

4187 Campus Drive M174
Irvine, California 92612

Open Daily 11am – Midnight

949.861.2055|!.?.!CATERING!.?.!949.812.2584|!.?.!Delivery by Postmates STAX LIES AT College Facility|Found in between Cha For Tea as well as Eureka! Restaurant. Sea Salt Iced Coffee The sea salt iced coffee virtually tastes like a Vietnamese Iced coffee which is usually a mixture of quite sweet condensed milk tastes that are stabilized by extreme coffee flavors.

I really did not particularly taste the sea salt, and also if you’re not as well interested on

sweeter sampling coffee compared to I would try a routine coffee. Stuffed Smookie The packed smookie runs out THIS GLOBE! I was thinking it would be as well abundant with the red velour biscuit packed with Nutella, yet it was stabilized by the sugar gelato as well as drizzle. If there is one point I would certainly intend to eat

prior to leaving this earth, it would certainly be

this. As well as there are so lots of flavors and ice cream combinations to choose from. YUM! Mango Shaved Snow with Strawberries, Blueberries, as well as Strawberry Drizzle This is THE and I mean THE best summer season reward, I can NEVER EVER obtain tired of eating this. Since it is cut ‘snow’as opposed to simply ice, the mango snow has a blend of ice cream and also Hawaiian ice which maintains the

uniformity luscious yet not thick. It’s beyond rejuvenating, and also I almost ate the whole bowl. I require to attempt EVERY taste combo possible! Dual Delicious chocolate Almond and Delicious chocolate Coconut Chip Gluten-Free Vegan Cookies I often don’t eat gluten-free biscuits since they finish up having a completely dry texture or consistency as well as or do not have much flavor to them. Stax’s GFV cookies are boosting the wetness level and taste of the cookies. They did violate really conveniently in my hand, but they tasted tasty however! Waffle Puff Covered with Strawberries & Powdered Sugar I was rather intriqued with exactly how the waffle puff looked as well as were more intrugued regarding exactly how it would taste. I’m in love with it; the puffs include a light structure that is stabilized by the crispy items of batter as well as sweet strawberries. They also have normal waffles offered! Cream Bun Stax with Maui Gelato The fresh baked bun is warmed and a scoop of ice cream is added inside

. I such as the gelato flavor, yet will probably try a less fruity taste with the bun if I get it once again. I enjoyed the warmness of the bun with the coolness of the ice lotion, but the bun was a fair bit denser in texture so it made it harder for me to consume; although I had actually merely eaten 4 various other desserts, so you could see why I was practically at my restriction. It’s absolutely worth a try if you are

a donut as well as gelato lover! Delighted Eating!Amanda |

So A Bank Commits Fraud And…

scumbag-citigroup-logo . . Approximately, scams is the calculated deceptiveness to protect illegal gain. Currently if I, or you, were to dedicate scams, and also mislead a person right into paying cash for something that was not a services or product they thought to be paying for, I would certainly be placed in jail. If I did this on a massive range, and also made billions of dollars from these misleading practices, I would be put in prison for a quite lengthy time. Just ask Bernie Madoff, that was punished to 150 years behind bars for a ponzi plan that ripped off financiers of$65 billion bucks. The penalty in his instance seemed to be a little bit heavy-handed, yet I’m no court in such issues so I’ll take into consideration that a strong measure whereby to contrast othercases. Nonetheless, the guidelines of fraud do not seem to work the very same way for companies. It seems a company, namely a financial institution, could rip off people as long as it wants as lengthy as it

admits regret as well as pays some money in restitution. This is certainly the case for Citigroup, among the larger scumbag financial institutions around the world. Citigroup confessed regret and also consented to pay$ 770 million dollars for deceptive methods concerning its charge card consumers, i.e. scams. Of course, a big quantity of that settlement will visit legal representatives and also the lawful system. The customers that were defrauded will be fortunate to see a pinch of that cash. Also worse, after the dirt clears up, Citigroup will be allowed to merely keep chugging along working customarily. However hey, they admitted guilt as well as will certainly pay a few ofthe millions revoke the billions they made. It’s all good. The genuine issue here is that Citigroup’s fraudulent actions is the norm for the financial sector. The whole market is a noise of fraudulent business, that I don’t label because of this from spite, however are so by admission. Simply two months ago, numerous of the most significant banks around the world confessed sense of guilt by controling the international fx markets and also rigging

interest prices. Amongst the number were JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Financial institution of Scotland, and exactly what do you know, Citicorp. They accepted pay the united state Justice Department $5 billion bucks for their crimes. Since $5 billion goes directly to the U.S. Justice Department, not the victims of these companies’criminal habits. Those business dedicate their criminal offenses, pay their fines, as well as simply go back to business customarily … again. Remarkably enough, the$5 billion bucks they accepted pay is a pittance of exactly what those firms made on the worldwide markets. Naturally, those sleazebag financial institutions concurred to pay that quantity … they made trillions from their deceptive methods. So a company commits substantial scams, pays a pittance of a

penalty, and after that takes place operating as usual. A specific dedicates a similar crime, goes to prison for 150 years, and also will never ever function once more. I ask … exactly how are these companies still allowed to proceed working? Does their punishment fit their criminal activity? And otherwise, why the dual requirement? Nevertheless, weren’t many of these companies the very same we bailed out simply a bit ago due to the fact that they obtained overly money grubbing in dedicating genuine estate lending fraud?

The Big Ashley Madison Hacking Non-Scandal

Ashley Madison Hacking Non-Scandal . . So the cyberpunk group that unlawfully hacked Ashley Madison’s data source of individuals and also took their details openly launched that information today in a substantial data dump. The information has been offered via a web site the cyberpunks developed called Have I Been Pwned?. News organizations as well as other reporting organizations have been scooting to scour the information in order to be the initial to find and report on stars and also other individuals of notoriety who were leading secret and also stubborn lives. Currently records are appearing on a host of Christian leaders which were participants of the sites, in addition to specifics concerning their perverted propensities. While I certainly see the feeling in outing someone for their hypocrisy, and also whens it come to these Christian leaders the details serves because regard, the rest of it is actually a huge non-scandal. The entire collection of occasions is identical to bawdy media records on individuals’s personal sex

lives as well as tasks, personal info regarding strangers that I have no interest in and also that is frankly none of my company … as long as the sexual behavior concerned isn’t really criminal. This non-scandal ranks up there with other innocuous celeb sex rumor. I care as much regarding that was on Ashley Madison as I do the nanny Ben Affleck was having sex with, Bruce Jenner’s transgender things for, or Miley Cyrus ‘lesbian interludes … i.e. no to not at all. In reality, this entire non-scandal just leaves me

wondering again– Why do individuals care regarding unfamiliar people and also their sex lives a lot? Which’s precisely just what these celebrities as well as people in the public eye are … complete strangers. Merelybecause their names keep appearing in the media, since numerous of them have a specific degree of celebrity condition, regular people appear to think they understand these unfamiliar people. The fact is , they really don’t. Are individuals actually that bored? Are they, generally, truly that villainous themselves that it matters to them that some complete stranger is having a fling on the side? One appealing truth worth checking into, that is being enormously neglected, is that a huge portion of the subjected accounts were established email addresses. Because I pay tax money to support these federal government employees and instructional workers, I’m not too thrilled to discover that numerous of these individuals are throwing away time using federal government and also public sources to cheat on their spouses, rather than concentrating on executing far better at their jobs. If these individuals have that much time to goof around on duty,

then we should clearly re-evaluate the need for these people as well as their placements. Presently in the UNITED STATE, 60 % of marital relationships finish in divorce. The cyberpunks boast to have released information on 30+million Ashley Madison accounts. The real tale here is not the rumor of who is ripping off on which or who is even more perverted compared to somebody else … the actual story is that there plainly is a prevalence of proof that says a whole lot of individuals in this world are miserable somehow. Currently that basic malaise, that’s a genuine concern, as well as really worth investigating.

Irvine Park Railroad’s Annual Christmas Train

11/27/2015 to 12/23/2015 ––. Feature family as well as close friends as well as take this captivating night ride with historical Irvine Regional Park to fulfill Santa Claus. The train will certainly depart from the brightly-lit train terminal and decrease passengers off at the North Pole. Youngsters could discuss their want list with Santa as well as have their picture taken with him as well. You may take photos with your individual electronic camera or you could purchase an image taken by Irvine Park Railway.

After checking out with Santa, jump back aboard the train and appreciate the colorful Christmas lights and also decors, in addition to the magical “Tunnel of Lights”, on the ride back to Santa’s Town.

Activity tickets are $5.00 each ticket – – Publication of activity tickets is $60.00 ($15.00 savings).

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Irvine Regional Park’s Easter Eggstravaganza

03/05/2016 to 03/26/2016 ––.

Kids ages 2 through 12 can take part in an Easter egg hunt, where each egg will certainly be filled with sweet or a reward. The Easter egg pursues start daily at 10 a.m. Tickets need to be acquired on the day of the event in order to get a wristband for the Easter egg hunt.

There will certainly likewise be images with the Easter Rabbit, Easter egg hunts, train trips, circus games, bunny bounce home, image stands, OC Zoo, biscuit designing, face painting, hay trips, wonderful food, horse trips, bike and paddle watercraft rentals and a lot a lot more!

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